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Belinda Straddles A Large Corpulent Sausage

World Mature

Belina had been strapped for cash for a while but when one of the fellows she worked for at the convenience store offered her a job cleaning his house for a little extra cash she was sure that she was going to get all the cash she needed. Belinda developed a plan to find some incriminating evidence at his house and then blackmail him for cash to get her to keep it quiet. The trouble was that even after three days of cleaning Belinda couldn’t get enough time in a room alone to snoop in anything!

Finally a few days ago Belinda got a few minutes alone and she started to snoop around but just as she opened what turned out to be his underwear drawer, her boss walked in and saw her. Belinda panicked, she told him she wasn’t snooping but she had a crush on him and wanted to steal a pair of his underwear. Belinda’s boss smiled at her and pushed the door shut and he offered her the opportunity to make her every fantasy come true! Soon Belinda had that mature twat of hers penetrated full of her bosses dong!

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Ruth Takes On Two Heavy Sausages!

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Ruth is a honest sausage fiend but she’s certainly not your typical knob loving wench! Ruth is a aged kitten who loves to keep a library of every single one of her encounters with ramrod and by now her library takes up an entire closet of her house. Ruth just loves to perform on camera though and the more she watches vids of herself fucking the hornier she gets and the more dick she seeks out! Ruth has a few favorites in her collection though and this has to be one of them, when she took on these two big ramrods at the same time!

Take a look at Ruth as she starts off just sucking one of these men off and then she spreads her legs to get her tight chocolate hole drilled. Ruth loves to take rod in the ass because it always feels so good that it makes her semen almost instantly. As she is busy getting her tight ass pounded she gets her pervert betty boops teased by her other colleague and it doesn’t take long before both of her fuck buddies are ready to sperm all over her!

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Tracy Gets Crammed From Behind

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Tracy had been working at the paper company for as long as she could remember working. She really loved her job but the trouble was that new management was moving in to take over and they were all young, new faces. Tracy knew that she was going have to do something to stand out from her co-workers if she wanted to keep her job. One day last week when her boss called her in to his office Tracy was certain that this was going to be the moment when she lost her job so she started thinking of ways that she could win over her boss and force him to reconsider.

Tracy’s boss asked her to sit down in a lounge opposite his desk but knowing that this was her last chance to save herself Tracy walked over to her boss and started to unzip his pants. As her boss stood there he smiled down at her and asked Tracy if she was looking for a raise and she laughed and said she was more looking forward to a rise and with that she wrapped her lips around his cock. As she started sucking that dick she felt his rod getting harder and harder.

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Tasha Gets A Lesson In Sucking cock

Mature Lessons

Tasha went to work in some kind of bad mood last week and one of her good friends and co-workers, Angie asked her what was wrong. Tasha told her that she and her boyfriend had had a fight and that in the middle of it he had blurted out that she was the worst boner sucker he’d ever had the chance to get his ramrod sucked by. Angie couldn’t believe it but she put her hand on Tasha’s and leaning over she whispered to Tasha that she would be happy to give her a few pointers if she felt like it was true.

It was just a few nights later that Angie showed up at Tasha’s to give her and her boyfriend a few lessons in how to really suck ramrod and be a good lover. Tasha’s boyfriend was nervous at first to have two babes teasing his ramrod at once but he soon settled down once he felt how good Angies lips felt around his boner. He watched as Tasha took a few pointers and while she watched Angie he slid his fingers in to her tight lascivious love tunnel to tease her!

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Angelina Gets Nailed Hard

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Angelina’s son had been in college for three years and over that time Angelina had played the good Amber agreeable him and his roommate snacks and care packages all the time. Angelina’s son’s roommate would often come over to her place and meet up with her son to go out and do stuff since her house was a half way point between his job and their dorm room. Well one day when Darren went over to wait for Angelina’s son he got there a full forty minutes early and Angelina ended up keeping him very entertained!

At first the two of them just sat on the couch but then one thing led to another and they started to touch each other, at first it was just teasing but it soon turned in to a lot more. Darren ran his hand up her thigh and she ran her hand over his throbbing dick and within minutes Darren had his fat phallus stuffed deep in to her aged slit. Darren knew that he shouldn’t be fucking her but she certainly knew what she was doing and as she rode his weenie he was sure that she was going to make him explode in seconds!

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Betty Takes A Chubby Knob

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Betty has always been a solid worker and it had taken quite some convincing to get her new boss to hire her over a lot of the younger candidates but she promised him something that the other candidates didn’t seem to want to do. Betty promised her new boss that she would be willing to do absolutely anything that it took to get the job and with a boss as pervy as her new boss that was all that it took to guarantee her the job.

Betty hadn’t even shown up for her first day at the office when she heard a knock on her door. Opening the door she found her new boss standing there with a gorgeous smile on his face. Betty let him in and asked if there was anything she had done to make him change his mind, she had no idea that her new boss was there to collect on something else! Soon enough though Betty found herself flat on her back on the armchair with her legs spread and her soaked pussy was begging for his sausage. Betty couldn’t believe what she was doing but it certainly did feel good!

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Leah Teases Tammy How To Suck Sausage

Mature Lessons

Leah had been friends with Tammy for a long time, in fact she’d been the one that introduced her to Ian and they’d been dating ever since! Leah knew that Tammy wasn’t exactly experienced in the bedroom so she made sure to tell her that any time she felt like she could use a pointer or two that she should ask. Tammy was embarrassed to ask but at the same time she wanted to make sure that she was keeping Ian happy so she decided to invite Leah over one night to ask her some tips on giving blow jobs while Ian was watching football in the bedroom.

Leah told Tammy that she could teach her more efficiently if Ian was willing to whip out his rod! Well Tammy and Ian were a bit unsure but when Leah uncovered out of her shirt and flashed her massive titties Ian changed his mind and Tammy followed suit. Leah had them lay on the chesterfield and she took Ian’s already overweight sausage in her hand and started to show Tammy how to tease him with her lips and her tongue. Tammy took hold of that sausage and popped it between her lips and did just as Leah told her.

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Liza Gets Her Love tunnel Filled

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Liza had been frequenting her local DVD rental shop quite often lately. The pretty man behind the counter thought that she just had a DVD obsession and was always watching movie scenes, little did he know that she actually had an obsession with him instead! Liza would always flirt with him and hit on him and then one day she decided that being subtle wasn’t going to work and she decided that she was going to be a little more outright about it. Winning her DVD up to the counter she asked the buddy behind the counter if he felt like watching a movie. To her surprise he said yes.

When they got back to Liza’s place later than night though there wasn’t much movie watching going on at all! Liza started to fondle his cock through his jeans and it wasn’t much longer before she was bent over his ramrod and was licking that strong shaft. Then Liza slipped out of her clothes and spread her legs to show off that perfectly shaved unarrayed slit! The poor buddy nearly had a heart attack and she slid that fat phallus deep between her love bud lips and started to grind on his weenie!

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Andie Sucks Her New Hires Ramrod

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Andie has been the boss of her own company ever since she started working. She loves being in charge of all of her workers but she loves even more than she is the one who gets to decide who is hired and who doesn’t. As a rule though Andie always hires the inexperienced men so she has something to look at while she is at work. Andie usually sits in her office and watches the younger new hires going back and forth in front of her office window and she gets wetter than ever as she slips her hand down her panties and teases her vagina as she watches the guys.

A few weeks ago though Andie hired a new boy, a new man who was willing to do whatever it took to get ahead in the company. Andie was all for giving this new dude a promotion once he told her that yes, he really would do anything it took to get ahead. She told him to drop his pants right there in her office and when he did it she knew that he was going to be a lot of fun to work with! She couldn’t stop herself from sliding his knob between her lips!

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Lynn Gets A Fucking Lesson

Mature Lessons

Lynn and her boyfriend hadn’t been getting along too well lately. Things all seemed to stem from the fact that their sex life was less than consummate. No matter what Lynn’s boyfriend did Lynn just couldn’t cum from his penis inside her and as a result things started to get a little rocky. Well one day Lynn confided all of this in her hairdresser who she’d been friends with for years. Lynn’s hairdresser listened to her talk about the whole situation and then she said that she might be able to help her if she was interested.

Well that following weekend Lynn’s hairdresser showed up at Lynn’s place just after Lynn and her boyfriend had opened a bottle of wine. She encouraged them both to drink a little more and after everyone had loosened up she led them in to the bedroom. Lynn was a little nervous at first but when her hairdresser spread her vagina lips and watched that rod slide deep inside Lynn’s cunt well Lynn forgot all about feeling uncomfortable. All she could feel was her hairdressers fingers on her corpulent clitoris as her tight hole was getting drilled astonishing and deep!

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